Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15 Beauty and the Beast

Fifteen weeks have gone by since Christmas Day when I started this pattern, and I am so close to being halfway done. I figured out that I have just over 30,000 stitches finished on this out of about 63,000. I suppose that is an average of about 2,000 stitches per week, and I think I wasn't going quite that fast at the beginning. Maybe I'm getting faster? :) Wouldn't that be nice...
"Little town, it's a quiet village. Every day, like the one before. Little town, full of little people, waking up tooo saaaaaayyyyy... Bonjour!"

I got the town base-stitched this week! I love the little columns of smoke coming up from the chimneys. I was also able to finish the balcony and all the flowers on it. That was a lot of confetti! Here is a close-up and an overall picture of my progress this week:

Also, even though I have all of 2 followers right now and one of them is Sasha, a fellow stitcher has started the Disney Dreams Lion King project, and will be posting stuff on her blog. We all like encouragement when working on a big project! 

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