Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspirational to Me

I am totally inspired when I see the work other people do, especially if it is on a similar project to the one I'm working on. I look online all the time to see if other people are posting WIP pictures of any of the Disney Dreams kits, so here are some projects I have found so far:

Here is a link to, where someone is working on Beauty and the Beast. She is doing an amazing job, and I love that she is doing backstitch as she goes along. It gives so much definition, and it really gives me something to look forward to. Here are a couple of her most recent progress photos:

I love how the flying machine turns out!

Here is a link to another forum thread for someone working on Beauty and the Beast as well. She started in the middle and worked in a different direction, so it's really super fun to see this picture. I haven't done almost any of what she has!

Yay!!! Seriously, looking at this makes me want to stop typing and just go work on it. 

The Tomboy Princess is also working on this piece. She has made some great progress, too. 

Ambitious Stitches is working on Cinderella, and it is really pretty!

And last time I talked about CraftySasha starting The Lion King. Last I knew she hadn't been able to do much more on it because there was a little confusion with some of the thread colors, but I think she got it worked out now :) 

Anyway, like I said it is totally inspiring to me to look at the work other people are doing. I hope everyone is able to keep posting and keep working on their pieces - they are soooo pretty!


  1. Thanks, for posting my work! I love watching other people work on these as well. It's also dangerous, however, because it makes me want to buy all of the Disney Dream kits. I think I'll end up with the Lion King one eventually, and I hope they convert TK's Little Mermaid painting soon.

    (ps - This is firekissed from crossstitchforum :-))

  2. Yay! I'm glad you found this and really glad that you are not upset about me posting pictures of what you've done so far. I haven't done much of this blogging thing and I wasn't sure how it would work, but I figured linking to the source would be a good start :)
    As for owning more of these kits, I already bought the Snow White kit, and I haven't seen The Lion King at the store yet. I'm trying to be realistic, but they are just so pretty! Anyway, thanks for stopping by!