Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 29 Beauty and the Beast

I stitched... a bit... this week :) I was hoping to get the big urn and those flowers done this week, but I was able to do even more than that! Closer and closer and closer she goes:

This week I will finish the greenery to the left of the lamp post, and then the final base stitching stretch begins :) Just the lamp post and the greenery to the right of it, and then backstitch! And then french knots! And then I have to figure out what I want to do for a border and such, but the pattern part of it will be done. 

This has been such an amazing project to work on. Much, much more in depth than anything I have ever tried, and I am excited that I will finish it - I am not much of a project finisher in much of anything. Then I can start my drawn thread sampler and work a lot on the blackwork sampler. And of course I will probably start the "Once Upon A Time a Princess Was Born" birth announcement for my daughter... since she's 3 now... :) And I have Snow White and Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty still to do of these patterns... And and and and and - But all of that is on hold until this one is done! 


  1. Hi I have this same kit that I should start making but I'm missing threads are the codes for DMC? Also I don't understand the arrows it says Three row repeat from ... Do not stitch these rows again. I'm confused and scared that this will be too hard for me :( hope you can help! Thank you :)

    1. Carissa ~
      This is most definitely and by FAR the most complex cross stitch I have ever attempted. I have really only ever done super basic, 5 or 6 colors, limited detail cross stitch patterns before, so this one was a big step out of my comfort zone. And this actually got me thinking that I should maybe do a blog post about things that I have found helpful with such a large project. To start with though, if you are missing threads (I was, too. I think I got a ton of dark blue instead of light grey peach or something like that), unfortunately the threads are not DMC so you can't just go out and buy replacements. But the company is really super good with their customer service. Just send an email to the address on the instructions page telling them what colors you are missing. Tell them the color name and the number and how many strands you need. If you give them your address they will mail you what you need. It didn't take all that long for them to get my colors to me.
      As for the repeated rows, do this: line up the page 3of6 and page 6of6 so they make up the left half of the pattern. If you look at the bottom 3 rows of page 3, you will see that they are exactly the same as those separate 3 rows at the top of page 6. They do that so that you have a little bit of a point of reference when moving from page to page.
      My biggest tip is to check, double check, and triple check your counting, especially when moving on to a new section. I will do a more in-depth post about some more things I learned while doing this, probably in the next week or two so you can learn from my mistakes :) You can do this, good luck!