Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 23 Beauty and the Beast

I really hope I haven't hit a wall.

I have not had quite as much motivation to stitch lately, which is really weird. I saved all of the characters for last for the sole purpose of NOT losing motivation towards the end. I think what I have run into is that stitching Belle with the pearl filament added is a little bit of a nightmare. Add to it all of the fractional stitches involved and how much confetti there is in her dress, and I didn't make much progress this week. I didn't even finish Belle... I'm kind of ashamed, but I know I needed to post my progress anyway. Maybe this will motivate me to stitch like a mad, crazy woman this week and get a ton done...

Anyway, here is my progress for the week. And even with all of my complaining, I do love how the sparkly thread is turning out. The picture doesn't do it justice at all, and as hard as it is I am happy I made the choice to stitch her sparkly. :)